Friday, July 29, 2011


I got my supplies! <3 It really came in about 2 weeks ago, but I've been busy with work and an out-of-town friend visiting, I haven't had time to update about anything.  So here's update!

As I searched the Internet a few weeks ago, I came across the website Coastal Scents.  This website is super amazing. On top of a fairly large collection of eyeshadow ingredients (127 micas and pigments alone), they have ingredients for skin care (silicones and oils) and bath bombs.  On top of having different sizes of jars, they have an empty magnetic palette for make up you make at home.  How handy is that?!

So starting from the top left we have an ounce of Sericite, an ounce of Cosmetic Ultramarine Blue BC, an ounce of Magnesium Stearate Powder, an ounce of Brown Iron Oxide BC, an ounce of Sienna Oxide, an ounce of Kaolin Clay, an ounce of Plain Mica Powder, a sampler size of Orchid Shimmer Mica Powder [this was a free thank you gift] and a bubki brush and some containers (obviously not all the containers, I bought 25 in all so I could make lots of little samples).  All in all this only cost me $35.

This ingredients don't limit me to only eyeshadow either which is nice.  I can play around with nail polish and even try out face masks - that is due a lot to the Kaolin Clay which is a great natural additive (You can use it in almost soap making *ahem*)

Talk about a gorgeous blue!

All in all it should be a very interesting few weeks coming up =)


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