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Lime Crime Review {Thanks to a Photo Session!} [UPDATE]

Hey guys!  Long time no blog I know.  I have lots to talk about too -.-;;  So here is the first of many!  This is a bit long because I'm talking about 2 different products, so please click the link below! <3

About a month ago, I bought and received some beautiful makeup from Lime Crime.  Unfortunately, I haven't really had the chance to post anything about it and it doesn't help that I am out of a camera and my phone doesn't take the best pictures.  HOWEVER a few days, my amazing friend Myshappy texted me wanting to do an impromptu photo shoot and I was free so to her house I went!

I never really know what to expect when she wants to do these, so I packed a bag full of clothes and another full of shoes and brought all my makeup [this sounds like a lot but it really isn't].  It also helped I had in some pretty amazing contacts from Shoppingholics. <3 [That will be in another review later!].  So she picked out some clothing and began going through my makeup and decided on the Lime Crime items I had yet to review!

The cute box it comes in!  The quote is in the next paragraph :)

So backing up a bit, for those who may read this and don't know about Lime Crime let me explain here.  It is an amazing company that was started in about 2008 by a stylist and blogger [Doe Deere] who was basically sick of the lack of colour in the beauty industry.  As she said, "Beauty is not what's natural, or even what looks best...It's what feels right at that moment."  And thus this company was born.  It's cruelty -free, never tested on animals and mostly vegan (all the shades I have at least are entirely vegan). And let me tell you, the shades are amazing.  I currently only have 3 Lime Crime items, but believe me, it's going to increase.

So in this photo shoot with Myshappy, she decided on the beautifully amazing eyes hadow called Siren. It really is a stunning shade of red and a great eye shadow for those BAM moments.  What I love most about this colour, and the other colour I have from them is that it looks amazing with or without eye primer. [We did use eye primer in this shoot].  To add definition to the crease she used my absolute number one to-go-to eye shadow that I am desperately in love with, Dragon Scales.  This stuff is AMAZING.  Of course since it was only used to add a little definition, it's hard to tell here, but trust me I will be doing a purely Dragon Scale review soon!  The last of my Lime Crime products used was my Retrofuturist Lipstick.  This is a true red opaque lipstick.  

I know by now you guys are probably like "Okay Syl, shut up and show me the damn colours!"  If you've never seen Lime Crime make up before, maybe you don't believe me on how amazing and bright and gorgeous it is.  Well, just you wait!

And now here we are on how the colours look once you open them up!  I apologise and you'll have to excuse my lack of thought, I completely forgot to take a picture of Siren in it's container, so you only get the nice little piece where it says 'Siren' and I promise I will upload a picture of it later~!  We have the Retrofuturist Lipstick on top followed by [obviously] the Siren, and then the my love the Dragon Scales is on the bottom (Like I said, I will be posting a review just on the Dragon Scales hopefully soon!)

But as you can see in this pictures, the colours really are amazing.  They are bright and fun and everything you'd imagine from a company named 'Lime Crime'.  I love to just look at them.  I don't even have to put them on to enjoy them. I mean, if you guys haven't noticed how much I love colourful stuff yet, well...maybe the colour doesn't work on your computers?

And now here's some photos of the makeup in action from my photo shoot with Myshappy!  Please ignore the stupid faces I make in some of these pictures, she likes to catch them and then post them.  I think it's some form of torture really.

BAM colour!  I dunno what my hair is doing xD Also, please notice my amazing contacts

Unflattering angle, but yay reading! I love reading! I should also mention this photo was intended to be put here.
It was just to show Sieben and Angry being involved xD  Sorry Myshappy!

And last but not least...the photo from the beginning...

I absolutely adore how these ones turned out.  I guess I drank the Potion ;)

Did you make it through all of that? Whew!  What a long blog!  So to finish it off, here is a list of the products used including the clothing, although I am not listing the prices for the clothes because I don't know them anymore.

Skirt from Hot Topic [will post brand here later]
T-shirt bought at Kohl's Department Store, however it is by Abbey Dawn
Vest bought at Kohl's Department Store, however is is by Abbey Dawn.
Eyeshadow: Siren by Lime Crime; 14 USD
Crease: Dragon Scales by Lime Crime; 14 USD
Lipstick: Retrofuturist by Lime Crime; 16 USD
Eyeliner; generic liquid eyeliner [black]
Mascara: Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara Carbon Black; about 5USDEyelashes White; Prestige Liquid Eyeliner Pop StarPrimer: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer; 15 USD
Lip Liner: generic red
Contacts: Geo Love WT-A04 Brown Circle Lenses from Shoppingholics 21.90 USD

SO, to actually talk about the Lime Crime products, they really are amazing. The colours are bright and vibrant and look beautiful no matter how you decide to apply it (You can use eye primer or not and you can also dip your applicator in water before the makeup and apply that way for a more metallic look or you can just put it on like usual.).  The colours also last, which for me is a rather important factor.  The lipstick made it through hours and hours, complete with drinking and eating.  And it didn't come off.  I never had to worry about reapplying it or having it fade off and look ugly. And the next most important factor:  it is light.  It doesn't make you feel like you have pounds of make up on.  The packaging, as you have seen is nothing short of adorable.  The prices are affordable.  The make up is amazing.  And the shipping is fast.  So why haven't you bought any of their products yet?

And as always, a special thanks to Myshappy for doing the amazingness with the make up and clothing and to Amanda Leigh for making us dinner!  Well, she made most of it xD


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