Wednesday, July 13, 2011

.Hello Kitty Soap Review.

So my good friend Amanda Leigh has endeavored into soap making which I am completely okay with. Last week I was at her house and she gave me some samples of her first batch! Eeee so exciting! !

Aren't they cute?!

As you can see, it's just about the most adorable soap ever. It has a really nice smell to it...enough to tell it smells good but not too much to be overpowered. This is really good for me because I have pretty sensitive skin and can't handle added fragrance in most things.

Ready to Clean You!

It felt so good washing my hands with it too. Granted, I was a little weirded out washing my hands all over Hello Kitty, but I guess it happens. happens

The only slight problem I had was that it dried my hands out just a tidbit. It was less than most soaps do but I guess I should still mention that...not that that'll stop me from using it. ♥

All in all I love it and I'm excited to see what she comes up with next

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  1. Yay~! Omigosh I'm so flattered!! I'm glad to know it dries out a bit because it's something I was worried about. I will definitely be looking into additives for moisturizing and I'm probably going to buy some goats milk soap which is really great for making soothing soaps and shave bars.

    But they're still so cute and you look adorable with them. :P

    (Also I like that it glows in that one picture. XDD Magic Hello Kitty Soap!!)